Somos Authorized Partner DNO

As an authorized distribution partner, Orca Wave’s product suite offers Somos number management platforms including RouteLink, TFN Identity, and RealNumber DNO. A “Do Not Originate” list is a listing of phone numbers that have been identified as spoofed and being used to facilitate illegal, fraudulent or otherwise malicious traffic. These are in-bound only numbers that should never originate calls, as well as numbers that are unassigned or unallocated. Aimed at helping stop robocall scams that are internationally initiated, updated rules provide a multi-pronged approach to combating telecom fraud, including more stringent call authentication requirements. In particular, to help ensure that illegal, foreign-originated calls entering the U.S. marketplace are properly blocked, the FCC mandated that International Gateway Providers reference a “reasonable” Do Not Originate list when routing calls.

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