Messaging Applications

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Toll Free and Standard Text Enablement (or BYON):

Whether you need to convert your own toll free and DID numbers (Bring Your Own Numbers – BYON) to support your business; as a SOMOS registrar and provisioning relationship with all the number management entities, we can easily provision your messaging requirements quickly and seamlessly to augment your voice revenues with messaging revenue.

Text-to-IP Business Group Chat

The business and enterprise application for text to IP group chat is wide ranging — from insurance agents that are using text to managing customer claims processing to automobile dealers scheduling car reviews among different sales team. Texting is becoming widespread in its use and adoption.

Text Initiated Automation

Orca Wave fully supports a variety of telemetry, machine to machine applications for messaging and instant alerts to NOCs, alarms and key indicators across a number of vertical markets.

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Messaging Gateway (HTTP, SMPP)

Orca Wave’s IMM Messaging Gateway removes the complexity of telecom
regulation adherence and allows application developers to simply “send the message”. Our Message Gateway automatically traverses the North American and Global mobile carrier networks and takes care of message construction, formatting and compliance.

  • Reach over 1,200 wireless networks in over 220 countries
  • 1-way and 2-way delivery options
  • 1 common message RESTful API for easy application integration
  • Support for bulk message activities


Expand your communication capabilities, reach individuals or groups quickly and easily using email to send text messages.

Email-to-SMS allows users to send an email and our message proxy will convert it to a text message. Subscribed recipients will receive the text message on their handset, text responses are converted back into email for the original sender to interact with.

  • Audiences can easily subscribe to group text announcements
  • Service available in internationally
  • Supports with all standard email protocols