Messaging OSS/BSS

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BlackFish – Supplier Cost Management Automation:

Burdened by the manual review of carrier’s messaging offers, with slow uptakes on routing implementations?
Sign-up for Orca Wave’s BlackFish Service for auto-loading of messaging supplier cost/code sheets. Let message automation be at the core of your business processes, with no manual roadblocks! Let our software do all the analysis and heavy lifting — with personalized routing rules for message swaps and other messaging commitments all factored in to protect our customer’s profitability, QoS and margin.

International Message Routing:

Our IMM Intelligent Message routing platform can run on Orca Wave’s IMM SMSC platform or our IMM software can direct connect to our customer’s SMSC. Being switching platform agnostic, with a wide range of routing script API delivery methods, put is in good stead to make our customers nimble and routing efficient.

Reporting, Analytics

All of the advanced, immediate, user defined reporting tools are readily available to our messaging customers — with additionally pertinent business intelligence specific to our Business Messaging services noted below. A common theme of rapid deployment, incident specific, and valuable reporting are common pillars to our reporting analytics. Most importantly, we have the ability to create a wide range of customer specific analytics and alerts — that fit the specific A2P and P2P business model of our customer

Billing and Customer Rating:

Orca Wave’s IMM platform is a comprehensive B/OSS tool that automatically loads the supplier’s updated messaging cost/code sheets, updates the Intelligent IMM Routing tables, displays the new cost data within the Customer Rates generation by profitability rules for rate updates by customer, by country and a mix of both. The Customer Rates addendum module is fully integrated into the IMM Billing module – to generate invoices for each customer with differing bill cycles, accommodate taxes and add NRC and MRC fees. In addition, our customer can outsource the whole billing generation process to Orca Wave.

SMSC Partition

The partition, integrated to the Orca Wave OSS/BSS solutions is white labeled to our customers allowing wireless carrier to immediately launch their SMS business!