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Business Messaging Services (BMS) Use Cases

Business Messaging Services are a wide ranging and growing family of messaging solutions, specifically designed to deliver unique messaging services for and to all types of businesses and enterprises. The BMS products are available via an Orca Wave API or as a finished service for resale. BMS is designed to enhance existing business service relationships and customers during all facets of the customer interaction – inquiries, reminders, alerts, marketing, etc.– with immediate impact and timely communications and outreach. The BMS product set from Orca Wave is white labeled to carriers, application providers and wireless carriers globally.

BMS Leverages Toll Free, DID and Mobile Numbers via Text Enablement
As a SOMOS Toll Free service registrar and with linkages to the DID number platforms in North America, Orca Wave will provision existing and new TF/DID numbers for two-way text enablement, as well as provide the necessary text message delivery between the carrier’s business and their customers. Outside of North America, Orca Wave’s BMS services are delivered on mobile numbers that are already text enabled, but need BMS messaging enhancements and services. Orca Wave BMS Message Services delivery provides global access to 5+ billion mobile devices and 1,100+ mobile carriers globally.

BMS Connects IP to Mobile SMS
Business Messaging Services provides businesses with an easy and secure method to accept customer texts, route the texts to the appropriate group/individual, and establish the immediate interaction between the business and the customer regardless the type of query. The BMS platform is easy to manage by the business via a web browser on their pc and has text forwarding, group management and outreach capabilities.


Text Enabled Toll Free – Use Case Examples:

Insurance Companies:
Major, national insurance companies are seeing immediate benefits to utilizing the power of immediate contact between customer and agents. By text enabling individual agent TF/DIDs, using internally developed claims processing software integrated with secure APIs into the BMS platform, customers and agents can:

  • Post claims & send pictures
  • Text status of the claims processing review
  • Text status of site scheduling and check disbursement

Monthly Subscription Businesses – Telecom/Utilities/CATV Companies:
Targeted to pre-paid and new customers, many companies are utilizing SMS for payment reminders to customers as their accounts are reaching 80% of initial payment – with double replenishments. Applicable to any company with monthly post / pre- payments — text reminders work!

Churches / Non-Profits:
Seeking better and more immediate interaction with millennials and other members–churches and non-profits are utilizing SMS text enabled numbers for:

  • Notice reminders
  • Text to donate – funding
  • Secure, group interaction
  • Trip & event scheduling

Real Estate
By text enabling real estate agent’s numbers that are posted on For Sale & Rental signs, agents are now in immediate contact with interested buyers. The ability to immediately respond to a new customer creates differentiation for the broker with new buyers/renters.

  •  Coordinate house access
  • Answer questions beyond house flyer information
  • Texting can be managed at the agent level or the broker office (with message forwarding)

Auto Dealers
Establishing secure BMS groups (Service – Sales), numerous auto dealers are using text enabled numbers to make it easy for their customers to check the status of their maintenance and repair work, schedule a time for a test drive. Message analytics provides managers with feedback as to text response times by department, new sales interest by auto make, ad responses and other important data to manage within the dealership.

Sports and Clubs
Sports fans welcome the immediate updates associated with SMS. “Insider” information, schedule changes as a compliment to web information and email alerts. Allows alums, community members and students want instant information and URL links to their favorite teams.

Health Care
Studies consistently showing that online scheduling, patient/medicine reminders, doctor reminders are highly effective for keeping post hospital patients from returning to expensive care. Need for HIPPA compliance and secure communications is paramount and well understood by the integrated applications associated with health care related communications. The results of daily reminders are well documented.

Employee Management – Restaurants, Retailers and others
Key need for scheduling issues that arise when employees are sick or not available. Send secure group message out to employees to immediately fill employee gaps.

Home Emergency Management – Plumbing, Pest control and others
A national pest control company has text enabled their toll-free numbers for customers to accept general inquiries as well as receive pictures of the invading pest. Customers can send water damage pictures to companies, so that the correct skills and tools are assigned to the site.

BMS – Email to SMS


  • Texting with a user’s keyboard, instead of the mobile device keys
  • Allows businesses to text to a distribution list, and view ongoing message threads
  • High value solution that works with Microsoft Outlook and all other email applications – web based or client server software based using standard email protocols – POP3, IMAP, etc.
  • Very flexible product
  • Simple online administration

BMS Text Initiated Automation & Pushed Notifications
If the need is for “machine generated” texting and alerts, this solution is specifically designed with the business, carrier, property manager and utility in mind. Triggered by user defined threshold alerts – from telecom switches, PBXs, fraud calls, security breaches, equipment failures (the list goes on) – Text Initiated messaging

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