XConnect and Orca Wave Help Voice Carriers Stop OBR Losses

XConnect, a provider of world-class numbering intelligence solutions and Orca Wave, a leading OSS/BSS solution provider for international and domestic carriers, work together and enable carriers to stop losses from Origin Based Rating (OBR). The solution combines XConnect’s Global Numbering Plan and Number Portability data, as well as Orca Wave’s Bluewater solution so that customers can optimize traffic for OBR without the need to make significant changes to any existing OSS, BSS or routing platforms. OBR, also known as Origin Based Charging for voice termination, takes into account both the origination and termination of a call when billing. The terminating... Read More →

Announcing Autoloading 2.0! – Comprehensive Supplier Cost Sheet Management and Automation

A trustworthy automated process to load those pesky but necessary carrier cost sheets!

Loading those carrier cost sheets have historically been a time consuming, frustrating and busy work activity. “I spent years of my career loading and reloading the same carrier cost sheet.  What a waste of time.”  Carrier Sales Engineer Thanks to Orca Wave, there is an automated process to easily load carrier cost sheets.  No touch emailed carrier cost sheet submissions allow you to quickly respond to price changes with detailed reports back to you and your supplier, confirming the new costs have been entered.  Now you have... Read More →

Orca Wave Offers U.S. Domestic Rate Plan Software for Carriers

Orca Wave, a long time OSS/BSS solution provider for international and domestic carriers, offers a new U.S. domestic intelligent solution to streamline a carrier’s rate creation and notification process. The new release will save carriers time and improve profitability!

OSS/BSS Features to Drive your Business

Key features of this latest solution from Orca Wave include:

Simple setup – Have the ability to name each unique U.S. domestic rate plan and assign customers.

Automated abilities - Calculate and update rates in a batch process that saves on labor. Diverse options – Choose from a wide variety of bulk rating rule setups such as:
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Orca Wave Announces Auto Loading of Vendor and Billing Reconciliations

Orca Wave’s Auto Loading & Analysis of Vendors includes:

  • Instantaneous data parsing
  • Mistake proof conversion
  • Error detection & filtering
  • Comprehensive analysis – pricing changes, contractual notice conforming and sharing with key carrier team members
  • Conversion to carrier defined data base location / format
  • Daily updates & streamlined operations
  • Economically priced – per vendor, not per loaded sheet
  • Options for vendor validations and dispute details
  • US Domestic vendors are mapped to LERG and Non-US vendors are mapped to carrier’s master destination code list
Billing Reconciliations includes:
  • International Vendors:
    • Destination group naming conversion
    • Time zone conversion
    • Currency conversion
    • Detailed call analysis by... Read More →

Orca Wave Announces Expansion to Auto Loading with Automated Vendor Analysis

SEATTLE, August 6, 2018 Orca Wave, the leading provider of software-based carrier management solutions for the telecom industry, has successfully launched their new Auto Loading and Vendor Analysis service to voice and SMS carriers looking for increased efficiencies and to those carriers who want to scale their own cost loading. The recent addition to the BlueWater carrier management software suite introduces automated carrier rate loading tailored to the Orca Wave customer’s unique requirements. Auto Loading and Vendor Analysis by Orca Wave was (more…)