Billing Services and Customer Rating

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BlueWater software is fully integrated between supplier cost/codes, intelligent routing, customer rates and customer billing. BlueWater instantly develops customer rates with bulk rating rules, as well as custom generated rates that are based on user chosen margin, average cost or specific routing by country, by customer or as a group. All customer rate sheets are produced for delivery to customers and stored for instant retrieval.

BlueWater software provides a billing module that is timeframe and currency flexible that can accommodate net settlement and one way relationships. Bills are easy to produce, concise to the customer and can be fully delivered electronically via a secure carrier portal. Billing supports carrier and enterprise / business invoicing. We can easily support MRC, NRC fees for DID, Toll Free and ITFS services. Orca Wave integrates to various taxation services as well as supports percentage based taxation defined by the user.

In addition, if a BlueWater customer needs outsourced invoicing and invoicing production, that is a service that is available from Orca Wave.