Credit Monitoring

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Besides fraud, a carrier needs to be constantly alert to their customer’s traffic flows and their timely payments. To further protect our BlueWater Customers, Orca Wave provides Credit Monitoring with Notifications and Auto-Blocking.

The Credit Monitoring BlueWater module provides enormous flexibility to uniquely track each carrier relationship with predefined credit limits. These credit assignments can track all traffic or just specific destinations. These user defined limits are then associated with specific alerts and various percent of credit values. Messages and recipients in the alerts are defined by customer. For example, one carrier could be auto-blocked at 96% of assigned credit / destinations, while another could be at a higher percent, and/or never blocked – but receive auto email reminders. As the call data is processed, the carriers are checked against their setup alerts. Once the data reaches an alert level, notifications and auto-blocking are generated based on setup.

Also note that each carrier relationship can be set up uniquely with notifications and that there is a Credit Management Forecasting of Critical Dates, as to when the carrier will cross the 90% Credit Limit.

In addition, a user can create as many notification types as they want, and assign the notification templates to customers—with the ability to either just warn of blocking traffic or actually block traffic. Credit Notifications, Alerts and Auto Blocking functions can be assigned uniquely to one customer or one supplier, to a group of customers or suppliers or to all customer or supplier—with different information delivery items unique to each carrier. These functions are managed in the Credit Management Alerts:

Example of Notification Assignments

Creating email templates with different types of messages, that have varying degrees of “reminder” language and “action to be taken”, are easy for users to create and assign to each customer.

Besides the protection of our BlueWater customers from Fraud attacks and Credit issues, we provide additional analysis – Net Balance Statement and NOC and CLI testing.