Fraud Detection and Prevention

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Revenue assurance, cost management, and delivering key and timely information to BlueWater Users are operational pillars of our BlueWater software for carriers, enhanced services providers and messaging companies. These comprehensive and complementary features augment BlueWater’s Intelligent Routing and integrated destination cost/code management functions.

Some of the critical areas we address include:

Fraud Management and Protection

Unfortunately, fraud appears in many forms – everything from DOS (denial of service) attacks, unethical switch techs, stolen PINs, weak IP PBX security, FAS (false answer supervision with fake rings) to numerous other forms of very expensive attacks on a carrier’s network. As soon as the routing plan covers the full A – Z international destinations, carriers need to protect themselves from fraudulent and non billable calls, which can turn into $100,000s of dollars lost traffic very quickly.

Carriers are experiencing serious losses due to fraud and are wisely seeking new tools to fight these aggressive offenders. To proactively address these various sources of fraud, Orca Wave offers several types of Fraud Alerts that are contained within our BlueWater software.

The Fraud Alerts include:

  • Simultaneous Call Alert. Displaying by Calling Number, simultaneous calls from one originating number. This can be set hourly.
  • Traffic Variance Alert. Displaying by Destination, hourly traffic spikes above a carrier defined percent of traffic variance. This alert can be set as an hourly report.
  • Unauthorized IP Address. This alert is triggered anytime an unauthorized IP or ANI is detected in the CDRs, with sufficient information to be able to pull the CDRs.
  • Short Call Alert. This alert is triggered when a threshold for short calls is contained within the CDRs. For example, all calls in the previous hour that are under 15 seconds in length.

Besides our standard fraud alerts, that cover a wide range of customer, Orca Wave creates unique monitoring alerts for its BlueWater customers that are specific to the business and traffic profiles of our customers. These unique alerts are a normal part of our overall services to greatly enhance the profitability of our BlueWater customers.