Intelligent Routing

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BlueWater Intelligent Routing software supports multiple switch vendor types (TDM and IP), as well as our customer’s different products, user partitions or different business units by balancing QoS and Least Cost routing, exception routing, time of day, percent routing as well as settlement/volume relationships with alarms and routing utilization across multiple routing plans and each destination code. Our Intelligent Routing software is automated for high optimization, QoS & profitability; as well as user directed for business and case of trouble routing intervention. Routing updates are streamlined, configurable to each customer’s network / switching / routing requirements with full confirmation for each update.

A wide range of routing rules are fully supported including:

  • No limits on destination code breakouts
  • No limits on routing plans
  • No limits on suppliers

BlueWater Intelligent Routing supports:

  • LCR routing
  • Benchmark/QoS routing
  • Bilateral/Default routing
  • Percent routing
  • Profit protection routing
  • Time of day routing
  • Blacklisting
  • SIP Redirect Platform option