Reporting and Business Intelligence

Orca Wave is at the forefront of timely and mission critical information, easily available at our user’s fingertips, with a user customized home screen, uniquely defined by our customer to be tracked and alerted upon. Need hourly, daily, weekly or monthly report that is auto-generated to specific team members? No problem. Does it need to be customized to our carrier’s unique product names, tracking systems and/or other particular parameters that are needed by your NOC, finance team and/or senior executives? Just define the requirements. Dialer traffic or lots of short call burst, – instantly highlighted. We create these and other crucial information tools all the time – at no additional cost to our customers.

Our goal is to allow our customers to be quick and responsive to the rapid changes in their business from easy, visualized representations of their data. Examples include:

  • Margin & Operational reports
  • Extensive Graphical reports
  • Real-time Concurrent Call & Short Call Reports
  • 100’s of user customized alerts, reports and alarm triggers — Ad hoc reports

BlueWater software comes with a multitude of detailed and summary operational and summary reports that are all exportable to excel. If our customer does not see the report they need, then we open an API or create the report for them. Your information and success is our goal!