Supplier Competitive Analysis

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Our customers are always looking for new relationships, so as to increase their margin, manage their costs and improve their QoS stats for their voice and SMS traffic. The Orca Wave technical support team is well versed in the Intelligent LCR analysis of a possible supplier’s rates offer, so as to determine if the new interconnection is worth the time, facilities and create a short and long term advantage for our customer. Thus, our BlueWater customer sends in their proposed new supplier cost/code sheets, identify if the analysis should cover one day, two weeks or one month of previous traffic and the Orca Wave team will quickly provide a summary and detailed analysis by each destination group / code of the advantages of moving forward with an interconnection. Our analysis directs the iTEST and NOC call / messaging testing routes that are to occur. The financial and business development team gets an immediate review of the economic upside to complete the interconnect.

This Supplier Competitive Analysis service is all part of our day to day support, that does not incur additional fees.