Supplier Dispute Management and Validation

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Unfortunately, the carrier community is disputing invoices on a more regular basis—sometimes for cash flow and delayed payment reasons. Thus, Orca Wave provides a comprehensive dispute management and validation service as part of our normal support.

Orca Wave Customers routinely and constantly win customer and supplier carrier disputes — saving hundreds of thousands of dollars — quickly and with no burden to a user’s IT staff.
Orca Wave provides its customers with a multi-level approach to quickly solving customer and supplier billing dispute issues.

  • Supplier Validation Report: Quick and easy reporting that leverages the supplier’s naming convention, destination codes, time zone and currency for a fast decision to initiate a dispute or not.
  • CDR Matching Service: We have been winning disputes for our customers for years. The technical support team is very experienced at doing CDR by CDR analysis and will provide a comprehensive analysis of a customer or suppliers CDR for prompt resolution of the dispute.

The BlueWater software platform systems have a wide array of CDR tracking and automated CDR audit procedures that provide excellent piece of mind to our customers. The Orca Wave Technical Support team provides customer / supplier dispute analysis and CDR matching services to our BlueWater customers as a standard service. Given our powerful and accurate CDR tracking tools, Orca Wave customers win 98%+ of disputes. Additionally, important, we respond quickly to dispute requests as soon as the external CDRs for CDR matching are provided.