Supplier Cost Sheet Automation

Close that spread sheet and stop manually processing carrier costs – let us do the work for you. Autoloading takes care of all your telecom carrier cost sheet processing needs.

Enforce your rules when carriers send changes.

Cost Sheet Terms Enforcement

Configurable rules to enforce your contract terms and specific processing requirements necessary to your telecom business.

Email Based Submissions

Continue to receive cost sheet submissions via email. Autoloading will monitor and process cost sheets for accounts you've approved.

Detailed Change Impact and Error Reporting

Full transparency is available for each cost sheet processed. Detailed cost analysis, processing logs and error outputs are made available to you and your carriers.

Support for Existing Cost Sheet Formats

Don't force your carriers to change their cost sheet. Autoloading processes cost sheets using the carrier's own format.


Autoloading Highlights

From the Experts...

“As an industry expert, Orca Wave understands and satisfies the security and performance requirements of the tyntec platform and provides up-to-date tools for automating our business process.”
Thorsten Trapp
CTO of tyntec