protect your data

The Orca Wave security release has now been completed. This release continues our commitment to protect our customers and your data from cybersecurity attacks. Here are the new log in steps that include multi factor authentication.

  1. Your first login after the release, you will login with your current username and password. The system will then take you through the upgrade process.
  2. During this process, your current username will be retired, and your email address will become your new username. You will also need to enter a new password.
  3. Multi-factor authentication is now required for all accounts. You will be prompted to register with an external authentication provider. There are many free ones you can choose from, such as Authy from Twilio, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. You will need to enter a 2-step verification code from one of these apps to complete the account upgrade process.
  4. Once your account has been upgraded, you will then be taken back to the login screen to input your new information – remember, your username is now your email address.
  5. You will also be prompted to input a 2-step verification code from your authentication app. If your computer isn’t shared with anyone else, you may use the “Remember this computer?” option so that you won’t be challenged every time you login.

Contact us with any questions on accessing our new security log in.