telecoM expense management

Orca Wave’s TEM platform automatically processes Call Detail Records, SMS (CDR/DLR) and carrier costs from both the Orca Wave Customer and telecom Carrier Suppliers. TEM provides a consolidated reporting view of cost and usage from each Carrier Supplier; as well as outline carrier billing discrepancies, conduct cost comparisons across carriers, and recommend preferred call routing paths. Additionally, Orca Wave’s BlueWater software supports Orca Wave Customers in managing telephony fraud more proactively by providing an alarming feature based on call spikes per calling destination among other benefits. 

Automate CDR/DLR carrier FEEDs and supplier cost changes

From the Experts...

"Cloud based OnDemand Smart Routing is easy to setup and manage, with fully load balanced and redundant architecture that integrates seamlessly with our award winning AutoLoading and analysis service and your switching and messaging platforms."