Intelligent Routing

Expanding upon comprehensive reporting, cost management, QoS alarming, and analysis tools,ODSR provides its customers with real-time routing optimization for both voice calls and text messages. The use cases are broad as ODSR matches existing and new products with an easy routing setup in the ODSR UI.


Global Service

The ODSR service has been built with redundancy, scalability, and response times as primary features. Routing information is streamed from the BlueWater OSS/BSS to ODSR hosts around the globe. Customers can utilize any of our published Geo-Redundant SIP interfaces worldwide and perform routing lookups based on the most current pricing and call quality data. Specific country and on-premises hosting options available.

Advanced Routing Algorithms

Instead of a traditional “flat” routing table with time-based generation, the ODSR service determines your routing on a per-call basis via SIP 302 redirect responses. This enables Orca Wave to support complex routing scenarios that analyzes per-call/message profit protection, current time, origination/termination surcharges and many other factors.

Simple Switch Integration

Orca Wave’s ODSR service utilizes the SIP protocol for communicating the most optimal routing choices on a per-call basis. Users simply need to specify any of the ODSR global SIP interfaces as the first route position, SIP 302 redirect responses then tell your switch how each call should be routed. The ODSR service can be utilized for specific routing needs such as: targeted traffic types, out of country termination, focused OBR scenarios, full switch routing control, and more.

Per-Call/Message Profit Protection

Traditionally, routing optimization solution providers and switching vendors have excluded suppliers from routing based on simplistic minimum rating lookups. The ODSR service evaluates every single routing lookup and filters out potential negative margin suppliers at that specific point in time for the current business conditions.


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