Instant Real Time updates, Good or Bad, on your Domestic Traffic Patterns

Regardless of your home country, Orca Wave BlueWater Software reports provide valuable insight to your domestic traffic and calling patterns. These identify both the desired profitable and growing traffic, as well as the unprofitable and unwanted traffic.  Whether you are looking at in-country roaming traffic, local calling, ‘A’ number originating, calling spikes, simultaneous calls, short calls, or any other call types, this can be done instantly and with real-time updates.

When it comes to the carriers and application service providers that focus in-country, BlueWater is very adept at jurisdictional reporting and providing differentiated Class of Services analysis.  Our customers value the ability to track each offered product such as outbound and inbound calling, conferencing, IP PBX, and many others.


Reports are provided via auto email reporting function

Orca Wave’s BlueWater software platform provides a wide variety of exportable, user pulled, and emailed pushed reports from an ever-expanding array of general and customer-specific report types.  Emailed reports are fully managed by users.  Users can define the recipients and timeframe of email delivery.


Manage information needed with Report Widgets

BlueWater Software has moved extensively into data visualization with report widgets.  These report widgets display data layers that are immediately updated as new CDR files and typically processed every 3-5 minutes.


Network Operations Center Widgets (NOC) provide real-time display of concurrent calls on both aggregated and carrier/trunk basis.  Each user sets up their own widgets. There are a variety of screen layouts, settings, sizes, and the ability to save subsequent views.  Multiple views are available for short call trends and auto-dialer traffic.


Revenue Product focused Widgets provide instant visibility into the revenue of the state of the business. Users can choose their preferred time frames and have multiple widget views updating in real-time.  These widgets allow for a wide array of user pulled detailed reports.  Due to some high level and detailed reports supplying extensive financial data information available, user levels can be limited to give access to only those who need it.


A growing library of both general and customer-specific reports?

Customers have been endorsing our Orca Wave generated BlueWater managed reports. They are telling us that these reports provide an advanced level of detail yet are easy to navigate. They have championed, some such as our, customer comparison reports which monitors each customers traffic trends every 8 hours; fraud alerts; Quality of Service alarms; KPI trending analysis reviewing 15 different trends; operational reports; target list reports to keep your vendors working for you; customer/supplier price history which assists your finance team with audits; financial reports daily, weekly, and monthly;  as well as the margin and negative margin reports alarmed for quick notifications.


Takeaway: Understand and managing the health of your in-country traffic patterns

Orca Wave / BlueWater reports provide the technology needed to understand and manage your in-country traffic and calling patterns. With the ability to survey both the profitable and unprofitable unwanted traffic, users will be able to track and focus on the health of your domestic traffic patterns. Our reports generate superior detail with ease of use for comprehensive solutions.  Come join us along with our already growing number of satisfied users and discover how you can have the strategic edge.  If you are interested in learning more, contact us at

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