A helping hand when you need it

Orca Wave’s Customer Support Team are a highly skilled and very experienced group that work with our customers – from the initial implementation to training to ongoing support.  They are problem solvers – working hand in hand as your technology partner.

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Data Audits

Disputes – CDR Mapping at a granular level to quickly resolve disputes.  Our team proactively cracks the data open and probes the detail to find core root cause, as well as corrective measures.  Orca Wave customers rarely lose disputes because of our extensive CDR data tracking tools.

Gain Insights

Inventory utilization research, pulling historical data in different formats for trend analysis and forecasting. Our team assists carriers across the globe with difficult data-mining tasks.

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Cost sheet analysis, cost loading, invoicing support, customer report design – Need a fill-in for an aspect of your voice or messaging business on an ongoing and or temporary basis?  We’re here to help!

Flexible Support Plans

Orca Wave recognizes that our customers have different budgets and support needs thus we have designed different support tiers – Silver, Gold and Platinum

Silver Support

Support tickets

New Software Updates

Email Support

One-time Software Training

8 x 5 Support Hours

72 Hour Guaranteed Response Time

Gold Support

Support tickets

New Software Updates

Email, Phone and Chat Support

As Needed Software Training

24 x 5 Support Hours

4 Hour Guaranteed Response Time

Platinum Support

Support tickets

New Software Updates

Email, Phone, Chat Support

As Needed Software Training

24 x 7 Support Hours

2 Hour Guaranteed Response Time

From the Experts...

“Orca Wave customer service exceeds our expectations on a consistent basis.”
Ron Kramer Headshot
Ron Kramer
President & CEO at 7G Network, Inc.