Visualize Business Trends vital to the success of your business

 Orca Wave’s BlueWater advanced reporting capabilities provide voice and messaging Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) at a glance, essential to the success of your business. 

 Analytics Reporting Solutions, with easy-to-read graphics, lets you custom design your widget to gauge your business performance and expose any concerning trends.  Orca Wave provides insights into your KPI’s using our extensive margin and operational analytics. Our team of data analysts work with you on custom reports and data integrations for your business needs.

Carriers looking to get an understanding of data on Voice and SMS numbers

Orca Wave’s Voice and Messaging Analytics give carriers a deeper understanding of their data on their voice and SMS numbers.  They make actionable business intelligence available for each department in your organization.

Orca Wave reporting uses Dashboard Reports that are customized with your short call trends across your network, switch utilization, product performance, net settlement carrier revenue imbalance. Analytics with multi-level margin analysis, operational details including call quality, current and proposed routing details, supplier rate change, volume trends, plus more.  And Reports Application Programming Interface that provide RESTFUL interface, minutes of use for your DID, TFN and ITFS, customer assigned inventory, short call data across all platforms , product performance, concurrent call volumes, and carrier revenue imbalance net settlement data.

Our configurable capabilities allow you to integrate the data into your own platform as well.

Email pushed reports are designed by request.

There are call pattern analysis tailored for your needs, and user defined data feeds into your 3rd party system.

Takeaway: Have a unique reporting or alerting need?

Gain insight by drilling into your Key Performance Indicators using configurable dashboards and custom reports paramount to the success of your business.  Orca Wave analysts are standing by ready to work with you in crafting custom reports, data integrations revealing new information, and design your application dashboard to meet all your needs.  Contact us to learn more or for a demo at

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