Orca Wave Offers U.S. Domestic Rate Plan Software for Carriers

Orca Wave, a long time OSS/BSS solution provider for international and domestic carriers, offers a new U.S. domestic intelligent solution to streamline a carrier’s rate creation and notification process.

The new release will save carriers time and improve profitability!

OSS/BSS Features to Drive your Business

Key features of this latest solution from Orca Wave include:

Simple setup – Have the ability to name each unique U.S. domestic rate plan and assign customers.

Automated abilities – Calculate and update rates in a batch process that saves on labor.

Diverse options – Choose from a wide variety of bulk rating rule setups such as:

  • Average cost
  • Blended cost
  • Percent or fixed amount
  • Margin goals
  • LATA-OCN / LATA-OCN-STATE / NPANXX rating options

Convenient vendor management – Easily pick specific suppliers to be considered for each unique rate plan jurisdiction.

Streamlined plans – Automate the customer rate plan delivery with just a push of a button.

Varied possibilities – Choose to combine rating jurisdictions into a single rate sheet or keep separate rate sheets.

To learn more about this new offering, contact John Rivenburgh or Jeri Wait.

To request an Ocra Wave demo, contact sales now.