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XConnect and Orca Wave Help Voice Carriers Stop OBR Losses

XConnect, a provider of world-class numbering intelligence solutions and Orca Wave, a leading OSS/BSS solution provider for international and domestic carriers, work together and enable carriers to stop losses from Origin Based Rating (OBR). The solution combines XConnect’s Global Numbering Plan and Number Portability data, as well as Orca Wave’s Bluewater solution so that customers can optimize traffic for OBR without the need to make significant changes to any existing OSS, BSS or routing platforms.

OBR, also known as Origin Based Charging for voice termination, takes into account both the origination and termination of a call when billing. The terminating network will apply a surcharge to the mobile termination rates (MTRs) based on the country of the call’s origin. Unanticipated surcharges can be 10x cost with some as high as 35x the standard termination rate.

“OBR is a growing challenge for carriers in the voice market. As OBR is implemented in more countries, carriers need a solution that quickly enables them to take control of their traffic and give them predictable margins. Together with Orca Wave, we enable carriers to stop losses from OBR before it can harm their businesses without the need to make significant changes to existing systems,” said Eli Katz, CEO and Founder at XConnect. “Over the next 3-4 months, carriers will see losses from OBR grow, as it is rolled out across networks. The time to take action to control OBR is now.”

Orca Wave and XConnect customers are able to stop OBR losses and:

  • Capture higher margins
  • Accurately price services
  • Never turn away new business
  • Reduce resources spent on disputes
  • Route traffic with confidence

“We are continually looking at new ways to add value for our customers and help them to increase profitability. XConnect’s Global Number Intelligence solutions can have an immediate impact on a carrier’s margins and ensure the sustainability of their voice business,” said John Rivenburgh, founder at Orca Wave. “OBR will only grow over time and carriers that implement solutions now are going to gain a unique competitive advantage.”

XConnect’s Global Numbering Intelligence provides a simple and data-driven approach to stopping future OBR losses before they can impact a carrier’s businesses. Its approach supports the activation of global number intelligence, the implementation of advanced business rules for routing as well as profit protection, while adding value on top of existing OSS/BSS systems.


About XConnect

XConnect consolidates, maintains and delivers trusted telephone number intelligence to world leading telecommunication service providers. XConnect processes information from hundreds of different global datasets and ensures that customers solve routing, validation and fraud challenges in real time.

XConnect’s Information Services are used for voice and messaging routing, fraud protection and to identify and validate insights. They also support the deployment and evolution of next-generation communications, such as VoLTE and RCS. XConnect’s Number Information Services are accessed through its global distributed hybrid cloud platform using simple, secure, scaleable real-time protocols and APIs.

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About Orca Wave

Orca Wave’s BlueWater Software provides real time, intelligent solutions, architected to accelerate any world class information provider to global leader, as measured by quality, profit and revenue. Bluewater is the voice engine for a number of the leading Global Tier One Carriers and innovative new market entrants including wholesale, wireless, application and VoIP providers.

Our team’s goal is to make our customers successful in their business with a variety of competitive software tools and services. Orca Wave’s innovative solutions are created to provide our clients with flexible choices and no barriers, that will easily integrate to a multitude of future enhancements.

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Announcing Autoloading 2.0! – Comprehensive Supplier Cost Sheet Management and Automation

Announcing Autoloading 2.0!

Comprehensive Supplier Cost Sheet Management and Automation

A trustworthy automated process to load those pesky but necessary carrier cost sheets!

Loading those carrier cost sheets have historically been a time consuming, frustrating and busy work activity.

“I spent years of my career loading and reloading the same carrier cost sheet.  What a waste of time.”  Carrier Sales Engineer

Thanks to Orca Wave, there is an automated process to easily load carrier cost sheets.  No touch emailed carrier cost sheet submissions allow you to quickly respond to price changes with detailed reports back to you and your supplier, confirming the new costs have been entered.  Now you have time to quickly react to the changes to your customers and improve your margin.

This efficient cost sheet processing service can integrate into your existing voice and messaging systems. Receive timely cost updates as they come in and allow your operations environment to respond immediately

Autoloading turns your suppliers into integrated partners with tools to effectively support you. They receive error reports, code rejections and upload summaries, completely hands off to you.  Your suppliers are no longer forced to change their cost sheets to adhere to your requirements, since the Orca Wave AutoLoading processes the cost sheets using the suppliers own format.  Your supplier now becomes your partner, assisting you in growing your traffic profitably.


Upgrades offered in the new Autoloading 2.0 and Vendor Analysis include:

  • Integration of supplier costs direct to your voice and SMS platforms
  • Configurable cost processing rules
  • Cost sheet error identification and resolution
  • Automatic contract terms enforcement
  • Detailed processing reports for your suppliers
  • Support for email cost sheet submissions
  • White labeled email communications and reports
  • Economical pricing – priced per vendor, not per loaded sheet
  • Voice\SMS US Domestic, Voice\SMS International cost sheet support

There are no hidden fees with Autoloading, but a straight-forward pricing model based upon number of vendors and product types. Orca Wave maintains a strict privacy policy as well, never communicating with your customers without your knowledge and permission.

Orca Wave’s Autoloading is sold a la carte or as part of their BlueWater OSS/BSS solution.  

Orca Wave Offers U.S. Domestic Rate Plan Software for Carriers

orca wave press release for u.s. domestic rate plan software offering

Orca Wave, a long time OSS/BSS solution provider for international and domestic carriers, offers a new U.S. domestic intelligent solution to streamline a carrier’s rate creation and notification process.

The new release will save carriers time and improve profitability!

OSS/BSS Features to Drive your Business

Key features of this latest solution from Orca Wave include:

Simple setup – Have the ability to name each unique U.S. domestic rate plan and assign customers.

Automated abilities – Calculate and update rates in a batch process that saves on labor.

Diverse options – Choose from a wide variety of bulk rating rule setups such as:

  • Average cost
  • Blended cost
  • Percent or fixed amount
  • Margin goals
  • LATA-OCN / LATA-OCN-STATE / NPANXX rating options

Convenient vendor management – Easily pick specific suppliers to be considered for each unique rate plan jurisdiction.

Streamlined plans – Automate the customer rate plan delivery with just a push of a button.

Varied possibilities – Choose to combine rating jurisdictions into a single rate sheet or keep separate rate sheets.

To learn more about this new offering, contact John Rivenburgh or Jeri Wait.

To request an Ocra Wave demo, contact sales now.

Orca Wave Announces Auto Loading of Vendor and Billing Reconciliations

Orca Wave’s Auto Loading & Analysis of Vendors includes:

  • Instantaneous data parsing
  • Mistake proof conversion
  • Error detection & filtering
  • Comprehensive analysis – pricing changes, contractual notice conforming and sharing with key carrier team members
  • Conversion to carrier defined data base location / format
  • Daily updates & streamlined operations
  • Economically priced – per vendor, not per loaded sheet
  • Options for vendor validations and dispute details
  • US Domestic vendors are mapped to LERG and Non-US vendors are mapped to carrier’s master destination code list

Billing Reconciliations includes:

  • International Vendors:
    • Destination group naming conversion
    • Time zone conversion
    • Currency conversion
    • Detailed call analysis by day
  • US Domestic Vendors:
    • Detailed call and MOU analysis
    • Rating reviews by ANI and LRN
    • Detailed analysis of jurisdictional pricing
    • Summary and detailed report for dispute basis
    • Options for CDR by CDR mapping review

The key elements and modules of the Orca Wave BlueWater Software includes:

Orca Wave’s BlueWater software for carriers, is a fully integrated set of modules designed to manage all aspects of the carrier to carrier relationships – costing, negotiating, alarming, rating, intelligent routing, billing, supplier validation and wide range of reports—in an efficient and highly scalable method.  Below is a high-level overview of our feature functionality, followed by a description of the primary software functions.

Below is more detail on each of the primary BlueWater software modules:

Intelligent Routing: Supporting multiple switches and business products or business units including international and US Domestic (interstate, intrastate, indeterminate and local jurisdictions) routing by balancing QoS and Least Cost, profit protection, exception routing, percent routing as well as settlement/volume relationships with alarms and routing utilization across multiple routing plans.

Auto Loading: The Automatic Supplier cost / calling code analysis and loading – completely automate a tiresome, yet extremely important task for international and US domestic suppliers. Auto Loading updates supplier costs/codes from native supplier formats via email or FTP delivery option and automatically reviews for errors, duplicates, and contract notice periods, with detailed cost / code analysis. Auto Loading identifies new codes for inclusion in master code table and update the supplier costing for validating and margin analysis. For US Domestic suppliers, BlueWater maps to the appropriate LERG table.

Customer Rates and Notification: Develop customer rates for international and US Domestic services, with bulk and custom generated loading based on margin, average cost or specific routing by country, by customer or as a group. All customer rate sheets are produced for delivery to customers and stored for instant retrieval.

Supplier Validation and Disputes: Produce the expected Supplier bill in the naming convention and destination breakouts of the specific supplier with adjustments for billing durations and time zone for comparison to actual bill. Identify areas of possible dispute and have supporting documentation.

Billing Reconciliation:  For international traffic, BlueWater software generates a Supplier Validations report for Accounts Payable, that adjusts to the time zone, currency and naming convention of the vendor.  For US Domestic traffic, Orca Wave can perform an indepth analysis of your vendor invoices.

Code Management: Keep the Master destination code list fully up to date on all supplier codes and determine opportunities/problems associated with code definitions and recommended groupings. Fully support the unique US Domestic jurisdictions to the NPA NXX and beyond, as well as International destination codes.

Real Time Reports / Data Analytics: Easily gather traffic, QoS, margin and other key reports by customer, by supplier by any route and timeframe. Traffic is alarmed so as to monitor changes in MOUs, ASR and deposits. Reports are designed for senior team, analysts and technical support within a carrier.

Fraud Alerts: Numerous fraud alerts for traffic surges, unauthorized IPs, short calls and other customized conditions of our customer’s traffic patterns.  Extensive data mining of CDRs provides

Carrier Billing: BlueWater software provides a billing module that is timeframe and currency flexible that can accommodate net settlement and one way relationships for US Domestic and International traffic, as well as NRC, MRC for phone number fees. Bills are easy to produce, concise to the customer and can be fully delivered electronically.

iTEST:  Fully integrated by a User’s destination codes for NOC testing and CLI verifications on an ad hoc or scheduled basis.  All test calls are recorded for further review and easy forwarding to suppliers. Tests include PDD, FAS, MOS, jitter and all of the key attributes necessary for comprehensive call testing.

Credit Management:  This software functionality, provides both Customer specific notifications against credit assignments, as well as the ability to block customer traffic at our customer’s switching platform. This application can be purchased separately from Orca Wave or in conjunction with our BlueWater software.

CDR Mediation: Process any number of different types of CDRs into a common format for integration into existing system.  Easily make a new switch “appear” to be another CDR format.

– Portal Management:  Provides access to Orca Wave customer’s customers and suppliers to view MOUs, Call Counts, ASR, and ALOC; as well as deliver the customer invoice, invoice statement, invoice detail, Customer CDRs, and payment transactions.

Who is Orca Wave?

Orca Wave is an experienced team of telecom professionals whom have worked together in the international and domestic telecom space since 1997.  In 2002, Orca Wave was formed by John Rivenburgh and Jeri Wait.  Orca Wave’s BlueWater Software provides real time, intelligent solutions, architected to accelerate any world class carrier to global leader, as measured by quality, profit and revenue.  To date the software platform has been the engine for some of the leading Global  Carriers and Innovative new market entrants that are wholesale, wireless, application and VoIP providers.

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Orca Wave Announces Expansion to Auto Loading with Automated Vendor Analysis

SEATTLE, August 6, 2018
Orca Wave, the leading provider of software-based carrier management solutions for the telecom industry, has successfully launched their new Auto Loading and Vendor Analysis service to voice and SMS carriers looking for increased efficiencies and to those carriers who want to scale their own cost loading.

The recent addition to the BlueWater carrier management software suite introduces automated carrier rate loading tailored to the Orca Wave customer’s unique requirements. Auto Loading and Vendor Analysis by Orca Wave was Continue reading