Orca Wave Announces Auto Loading of Vendor and Billing Reconciliations

Orca Wave’s Auto Loading & Analysis of Vendors includes:

  • Instantaneous data parsing
  • Mistake proof conversion
  • Error detection & filtering
  • Comprehensive analysis – pricing changes, contractual notice conforming and sharing with key carrier team members
  • Conversion to carrier defined data base location / format
  • Daily updates & streamlined operations
  • Economically priced – per vendor, not per loaded sheet
  • Options for vendor validations and dispute details
  • US Domestic vendors are mapped to LERG and Non-US vendors are mapped to carrier’s master destination code list

Billing Reconciliations includes:

  • International Vendors:
    • Destination group naming conversion
    • Time zone conversion
    • Currency conversion
    • Detailed call analysis by day
  • US Domestic Vendors:
    • Detailed call and MOU analysis
    • Rating reviews by ANI and LRN
    • Detailed analysis of jurisdictional pricing
    • Summary and detailed report for dispute basis
    • Options for CDR by CDR mapping review

The key elements and modules of the Orca Wave BlueWater Software includes:

Orca Wave’s BlueWater software for carriers, is a fully integrated set of modules designed to manage all aspects of the carrier to carrier relationships – costing, negotiating, alarming, rating, intelligent routing, billing, supplier validation and wide range of reports—in an efficient and highly scalable method.  Below is a high-level overview of our feature functionality, followed by a description of the primary software functions.

Below is more detail on each of the primary BlueWater software modules:

Intelligent Routing: Supporting multiple switches and business products or business units including international and US Domestic (interstate, intrastate, indeterminate and local jurisdictions) routing by balancing QoS and Least Cost, profit protection, exception routing, percent routing as well as settlement/volume relationships with alarms and routing utilization across multiple routing plans.

Auto Loading: The Automatic Supplier cost / calling code analysis and loading – completely automate a tiresome, yet extremely important task for international and US domestic suppliers. Auto Loading updates supplier costs/codes from native supplier formats via email or FTP delivery option and automatically reviews for errors, duplicates, and contract notice periods, with detailed cost / code analysis. Auto Loading identifies new codes for inclusion in master code table and update the supplier costing for validating and margin analysis. For US Domestic suppliers, BlueWater maps to the appropriate LERG table.

Customer Rates and Notification: Develop customer rates for international and US Domestic services, with bulk and custom generated loading based on margin, average cost or specific routing by country, by customer or as a group. All customer rate sheets are produced for delivery to customers and stored for instant retrieval.

Supplier Validation and Disputes: Produce the expected Supplier bill in the naming convention and destination breakouts of the specific supplier with adjustments for billing durations and time zone for comparison to actual bill. Identify areas of possible dispute and have supporting documentation.

Billing Reconciliation:  For international traffic, BlueWater software generates a Supplier Validations report for Accounts Payable, that adjusts to the time zone, currency and naming convention of the vendor.  For US Domestic traffic, Orca Wave can perform an indepth analysis of your vendor invoices.

Code Management: Keep the Master destination code list fully up to date on all supplier codes and determine opportunities/problems associated with code definitions and recommended groupings. Fully support the unique US Domestic jurisdictions to the NPA NXX and beyond, as well as International destination codes.

Real Time Reports / Data Analytics: Easily gather traffic, QoS, margin and other key reports by customer, by supplier by any route and timeframe. Traffic is alarmed so as to monitor changes in MOUs, ASR and deposits. Reports are designed for senior team, analysts and technical support within a carrier.

Fraud Alerts: Numerous fraud alerts for traffic surges, unauthorized IPs, short calls and other customized conditions of our customer’s traffic patterns.  Extensive data mining of CDRs provides

Carrier Billing: BlueWater software provides a billing module that is timeframe and currency flexible that can accommodate net settlement and one way relationships for US Domestic and International traffic, as well as NRC, MRC for phone number fees. Bills are easy to produce, concise to the customer and can be fully delivered electronically.

iTEST:  Fully integrated by a User’s destination codes for NOC testing and CLI verifications on an ad hoc or scheduled basis.  All test calls are recorded for further review and easy forwarding to suppliers. Tests include PDD, FAS, MOS, jitter and all of the key attributes necessary for comprehensive call testing.

Credit Management:  This software functionality, provides both Customer specific notifications against credit assignments, as well as the ability to block customer traffic at our customer’s switching platform. This application can be purchased separately from Orca Wave or in conjunction with our BlueWater software.

CDR Mediation: Process any number of different types of CDRs into a common format for integration into existing system.  Easily make a new switch “appear” to be another CDR format.

– Portal Management:  Provides access to Orca Wave customer’s customers and suppliers to view MOUs, Call Counts, ASR, and ALOC; as well as deliver the customer invoice, invoice statement, invoice detail, Customer CDRs, and payment transactions.

Who is Orca Wave?

Orca Wave is an experienced team of telecom professionals whom have worked together in the international and domestic telecom space since 1997.  In 2002, Orca Wave was formed by John Rivenburgh and Jeri Wait.  Orca Wave’s BlueWater Software provides real time, intelligent solutions, architected to accelerate any world class carrier to global leader, as measured by quality, profit and revenue.  To date the software platform has been the engine for some of the leading Global  Carriers and Innovative new market entrants that are wholesale, wireless, application and VoIP providers.

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