Why Messaging?

The Orca Wave team has spent the past three years reviewing in depth the “messaging marketplace” to determine the productive role we can play with our wireless, CLEC, VoIP carrier and application service providers customers. We immediately noticed the following issues in the messaging space, which has guided our messaging development activities and efforts:

International and North American Messaging Challenges:

Restrictive options for message delivery:

  • Traditional ‘routing tables’, that carriers use in the voice space are not easy to establish in messaging arena.- Exclusive relationships with restrictive terms have been the norm for small and medium sized mobile carriers and application providers
  • Contract terms include limits on additional interconnections- If a carrier does have multiple messaging interconnects, then mapping the array of messaging features from each supplier + cost into a ‘routing table’ is very difficult and cumbersome. (Advanced software tools are needed.)
  • Establishing networking (with optimum suppliers by each global mobile carrier / product option) for the two broad types of messaging is challenging:- Person to Person (P2P – balanced two-way messaging) and- Application to Person (A2P – asynchronous messaging of one to many – with and without return messages)
  • OTT Providers have scooped up a high percentage of P2P traffic, taking revenue away from carriers
  • VoIP Providers, CLECs, CATV, ISPs and ILECs, want secure, scalable messaging products that they can sell to their business and enterprise customers- In North America, the growing Message Enabled DID and Toll Free numbers is an enormous opportunity for North American carriers to offer their business and enterprise customers
  • Managing multiple message termination suppliers without automatic analysis tools is cumbersome, slow and fraught with human errors
  • Having a flexible SMSC, that supports multiple routing tables, so as to match differentiated messaging products is key to short and long term success in the messaging space
  • Creating API messaging delivery is key for application providers

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